Massivholz Baumscheibe freisicht


Thinking in new directions. Doing things differently. Creating what seems impossible. We‘ve always had this pioneering spirit. In the beginning there was our idea: A pair of glasses, made of one solid piece of wood. Not made out of plywood or material mixtures. Simply wood. Without compromise. But with the same properties like conventional glasses made of acetate or metal. Robust, easily adjustable and simply beautiful. Said. Done.


Between the „said“ and the „done“ there is a lot of development to be made. To make a pair of glasses from a single piece of solid wood is an elaborate process. Our drive, our inspiration and our know-how is rooted in the traditional history of the musical instruments-manufactory Frank, which has been producing wooden instruments for more than 75 years. We combine this knowledge with state-of-the-art manufacturing technologies. So we developed in cooperation with the university Weihenstephan-Triesdorf a completely new process for the modification of the wood. Thus it is possible for the first time that a pair of glasses made of solid wood can be adjusted by the optician. Exact and without compromises. Our idea became reality. Done.

Anpassung einer freisicht Brille in der Wärmeventilette
Maserung einer freisicht A-7 aus walnuss


Uncompromising. A hard word. An absolute word. And at the same time it is our demand on every single one of our glasses, to not have to make any compromises. Neither in the material, in the function, nor in the design. This is what distinguishes our pioneering spirit. This is freisicht.